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  • A free version of “The Virtuoso Teacher” article is now available through Gumroad!
  • Material in Christopher Berg’s “Fingerboard Harmony Primer” has been included in The Classical Guitar Companion and is no longer available for download. .
  • Free downloads of some 19th-century studies will be added to this page periodically. We’re starting with one easy work each by Tárrega, Sor, and Giuliani.
  • A practice sheet for use with Giuliani Revisited now available! Visit The Guitar Whisperer Blog to read “Giuliani Revisited, Parts One and Two.”
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Fernando Sor
Op. 35, No. 11
This study helps students move the left hand in and out of chord shapes at a quick harmonic rhythm. Light editing by Christopher Berg.
Francisco Tarrega
Scale Exercise
This scale exercise is often attributed to Tárrega, but he never published it. Regardless of its provenance, this is a great little shifting study.
Mauro Giuliani
Op. 48, No. 2
An excellent exercise to help students in their first forays into the upper positions in a playable and idiomatic context. Edited by Christopher Berg.

Articles and Study Guides:


The Virtuoso Teacher
The re-Imagination of Guitar Pedagogy
A newly typeset and revised version of Christopher Berg’s 24-page article on teaching. This work explores ways to develop healthy and productive reacher/student relationships in the applied studio to help students realize their full potential.
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Giuliani Revisited Study Sheet
for use in conjunction with Giuliani Revisited
Why not work on two things at the same time? My original conception for Giuliani Revisited was to have a fold-out page with I-V-I progressions in all major and minor keys to help develop a stronger sense of key while studying arpeggio patterns.
Learn More...
The fold-out page wasn’t feasible at the time, but now there’s a sheet to place on your music stand so you can cycle through all the keys while you work on right-hand patterns. Some of the right-hand patterns in Giuliani Revisited require six-note chords and they are given on this sheet. Because of this, the voice leading isn't as elegant as it would be with four-note chords.

This sheet can also be used with any of the numerous publications of Giuliani’s original 120 right hand exercises, but you’d be missing out on all kinds of arpeggio goodness!

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About Christopher Berg
Christopher Berg is a Carolina Distinguished Professor in the School of Music at the University of South Carolina where he directs the classical guitar program. He has performed hundreds of concerts throughout the United States.